Your Career Goal is Your Destiny, Hence Choose it With Great Care

Most people find the pressures of juggling with family, work and daily life means that our career plans and career goals are more complicated to achieve rather than we had expected. Well-intended resolutions like setting-up a new career objective are quickly given up. However, when goals aren’t reached most of us could feel frustrated and useless. This particularly is so, if we are giving up on our career goals for a better opportunity and ask ourselves why to have a Career goal? This completely drains our energy and limitations of our potential. What I had observed, while working with companies and people passing through a change is that everybody’s approach to handling change is quite different to someone else’s.
The key to success in defining career objectives is creating a better understanding of where you are stuck and take steps at these stages in the product cycle to achieve what you truly expect in your career. Have a close look at the cycle of change. What stage are your career goals on, why to have a career goal?
This is the beginning point for any goal or change on what is career goal, career objectives. First there is awareness for dissatisfaction or a emerging requirement in life. Think of those simple needs of having a soft drink. You are a bit thirsty and you ignore it deliberately? Perhaps for a while if you are too busy. But eventually even though you develop a headache and are unable to concentrate or focus until having a soft drink becomes that is the most crucial thing that you should do, until your thirst is quenched. It is identical with setting your career goals. If you are unhappy with your present job the stronger your urge to change the more focused you will be to act accordingly. You may feel that you need a promotion or a more challenging, Job Profile at the same time you feel comfortable wherever you currently are, there won’t be enough motivation to push the change and achieve your career goal.
Eliminate your career goal ‘should’. Remove all those resolutions which are being pushed by your friends and family. These are the kind of goals that you feel ought to be doing. For example, ‘I must get a better opportunity’. ‘I must get better paid for more responsible Jobs that I do’. All these drives should be well defined goals but unless they are your deep goals, you are not at the awareness level stage of change or growth on these goals. What this really means is that any positive result begins with your inner drive to succeed.


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