How Fresher are hired through walk in jobs in their location

Jobs in Delhi are innumerable especially after the arrival of MNCs. The job search for skilled jobs is more direct than unskilled jobs India as they are more through placement agencies. MNC companies are always looking for fresh talent as job opportunities are tremendous there. Assimilating all the candidates from one place becomes almost impossible for them, hence they embark on their journey to look for raw talent and shift from Metropolitan cities to small cities that have huge pool of talented employees. They start hunting for this talent by visiting to small cities. HR carries the interview of such candidates who have just come out of their colleges and are looking for the job.
Check out how they do this?
First of all the positions are created for the relevant job by the companies. The list is prepared as in what should be the eligibility in a candidate. It includes their minimum qualification, any additional degree or diploma, additional skills, etc if any. These jobs are considered as skilled and not as unskilled jobs because these students have minimum qualification as graduation with their subject specialization. Any additional work experience will be an added advantage for them.
Followed by it, the advertisement is published in major newspapers of the cities. The company sends its delegates to conduct the interview.
Talent hunt:
Once the position is finalized, HR or the team of Human Resource sets out on the journey where maximum people are unemployed but possesses the required talent. Generally such interviews are organized in renowned hotels or banquet halls to create a good impression on the candidates. Above that MNCs spend a great deal of money in extracting the qualitative product so that outputs can be lucrative too.
Followed by that interviews are conducted and candidates go through various sets of rounds. A group of people scan them to realize their potentials and endow them with the offer letter immediately. The offer letter describes all the details like the position for which they have been hired, their salary and added benefits, joining date, company’s location with email address, whom to contact, etc.
Joining Process:
After the fresher accepts the offer letter, they have to reach the company’s location before time so that rests of the steps of joining can be fulfilled on time. Most of the time company’s ask the candidate to sign a bond of one year where they cannot leave the company before that, otherwise they are penalized and have to bear an assigned sum to the company. This step is generally to make the talented search secure and to prevent any over expenditure on part of the company.

Benefits of fresher walk-in jobs in other locations is that company pay a visit and the candidates do not have to spend money for the same. Once everything is sorted-out, candidates have to go beforehand to make their arrangements for dwelling and join on the given date.
The best part of fresher walk in jobs in your location is that there is no charge for attending the interview and joining is immediate. The difference between unskilled jobs and skilled jobs lies in salary differentiation and in the level of comfort offered to such candidates at the time of interview.


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