Rozgar Camp for Unskilled labor in DELHI

Unemployment has always been the biggest problem in India. This is the reason that TheIncircle has come up with Rozgar camp that was started in Delhi. This camp is especially introduced for the unskilled labors that are looking for employment to support their families. With the help of this camp, an effort is made to motivate the unskilled labors who can now learn lots of new things and find employment for themselves. As we all know that labor class has to suffer a loss due to the lack of money. They don’t even have food to eat or accomplish the basic requirements of their family. This is because of the unemployment which has worsened the condition. That is why the Organization TheIncircle has taken an initiative to help the labor class by providing employment opportunities that could help them in different ways.

How Rozgar camp will help the unskilled labor?

Rozgar camp is an effort made to bring to the unskilled labors of Delhi and nearby regions to come together and explore themselves. The Organisation is trying to create opportunities by making them skilled and letting them learn new things. This camp will prove beneficial for them in a number of ways. Firstly they will be made familiar with the different type tasks so that they get knowledge and can work in the respected firms. There is lots of training sessions started just to guide the people in the right direction. Secondly, different types of activities offer a variety to the people to be a part of anyone of them depending on their interest. Thus, they will be able to focus and learn it in a proper way. Once they become expert, they are now ready to work in any company thus providing employment to them. Thirdly, successful completion will end up getting some money for their family so that the basic amenities can be provided and the family lives a tension free life. Fourthly, all the flaws that existed in MGNREGA are overcome so that better opportunities can be created and the unskilled labors are able to benefit from it.
So, there is no doubt about the fact that Rozgar camp will surely change the lives of the labor class as they will now get employment to bring their life on track. The camp has already begun with lots of people coming and participating from different areas of Delhi and nearby places too.


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