Benefits of Rozgar camps by TheIncircle in Delhi for unskilled labour

Rozgar camps in Delhi offers extensive range of incredible opportunities for unskilled employees who are looking for jobs desperately. The chief objective of these camps is to offer a decent means of earning for all despite of their qualification, age, number of years of experience and the place they are living in. Their major purpose is to serve both the groups – employed and unemployed. These Rozgar camps consecrate exciting means of self employment ventures by providing them the provision of wag employment. The target population under unskilled jobs category is urban poor especially those who are living below the poverty line.

The Eligibility Criteria:
Such types of unskilled jobs Delhi demand an individual to be in the age group of 18-35. The qualification varies based on the requirements of the course.

Motive of TheIncircle Rozgar camps:
• Alleviating urban poverty:
The chief goal of TheIncircle Rozgar camps in Delhi is to establish and nurture the community organizations while designing plans to eliminate poverty. A technically designed workforce Developmental team works behind such camps and provides its whole hearted support to needed people in achieving their objectives. Such development institutes that run these camps coordinate and monitor the jobs of training agencies that are chosen to provide training to selected employees.
• Skill Training:
This component spotlights offering assistance to the group of poor people living in metro cities. It not only enhances the potentials of the individual while upgrading their skills but help them to get better salary packages too. This employment program has a meticulously designed plan where trainings are provided in various sectors. Sometimes such skills are linked with business and manufacturing movements of institutions and sometimes they are related with accreditation and relevant certifications offered by the institutions (public, private or both).

• Urban Self Employment Programme: Some jobs in Delhi are associated by offering assistance to urban poor and making them independent. Unskilled employees can embark on the venture of self employment by acquiring knowledge related to relevant technology, infrastructure set up or by getting jobs related with product marketing.

• Urban Women Self Help Programme: In these programmes, urban poor women get assistance via Self Help Groups and Thrift and Credit Societies. The women can pick the economic activities according to their skills, trainings and based on the aptitude they have. It not only supports them to earn money while making them independent but empowers them with the better means of self employments.

Advantages of Rozgar camps for unskilled jobs in Delhi: TheIncircle group assists the unskilled people with following advantages-
1. Anyone despite of their qualification can earn their livelihood with respect.
2. Feeling of insecurity fades away.
3. Any man or woman above 18 years of age can earn and support their family by good means earning a decent sum of money.
4. People can get the jobs despite of the place they are living, if there is any job available on such places.
5. People visiting to such camps do not have to wander from one place to another, because innumerable opportunities lie at one place.
6. Officials are ready to assist the interested people whole heartedly.
Hence, take the advantage of these opportunities and live your life with ease.


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