A short Analysis of the Job Market in Delhi/NCR Region irrespective of the Skill-sets

Rozgar Camps in Delhi – India is a fast growing and developing nations not only in terms of Modernizations but also in career opportunities and development .Delhi is the political capital along with being an important commercial centre. This growth in Delhi’s economy is also backed-up by the National Capital Region (NCR).This agglomeration beckons a large number of populations with its variety and scopes in career and employment. Delhi/NCR is steadily becoming the center of economic growth with a fast paced industrialization. It has the best to offer in terms of employment for any industry, large or small et al.
If the economic statistics of the last few decades in Delhi/NCR would be observed then it would be revealed that the per-capita income of this area is 0.2 million annually which is almost thrice the than that of the nation’s average. To bring the per-capita income to such figures the role of the job portals cannot be avoided. These sites serve both the employers and job-seekers for a wide variety of industrial sectors viz. Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing ,Construction & Real Estate, Trade & Export, Food & Hospitality, Logistics & Communication, Business & Finance, Advertisements to name a few. Recently they have also started to engulf the public sector as well.
The emerging and the settled industries show different trends in employment. While the newbie’s shows a rapid raise in employment the oldies have a share in the employed population of the Delhi/NCR region. This balance is maintained by the job portals with the regular influx of employment opportunities. Based on ones skill-set (be it nil or sky-rocketing) these portals provide a permutation and combination of the placement scenarios to both the job-seekers and employers. With this array of available options Delhi/NCR is observing a serious modification in the employment growth pattern. In the last decade Delhi/NCR has shown potential increase in the number of regular workers. The change is due to the fact that of increased facilities in public transport. These portals reach millions with their expert ads across busses, metros and any form of public transport thus appealing to the masses.
The thing that makes such portals a huge success is placing the individuals in a job irrespective of their skill-set and background. Of course one has to consider the hard-work they put in to make out lives easier. They go through researches to provide and optimal solution to the employers and job seekers thus bringing a win-win situation. For semi-skilled and unskilled individuals they arrange for work-shops seminars in the Delhi/NCR regions so that they can gauze the depth of the job markets. They also have sync-ups with the various employers who offer internship thus providing the unskilled and semi-skilled laour opportunity to the prized possession of experience. In short they manage and maintain the job markets of the Delhi/NCR region making the lives of both the employers and seekers much easier. One can only imagine the horror of employers and job seekers the pain of daily going through job vacancy ads without any clue as to how to land one.


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