Is There A Lot Of Unskilled Jobs In Delhi?

A job in Delhi, the capital, doesn’t require one to be necessarily highly qualified. In fact, the market is bristling with jobs for skilled laborers and semi-skilled laborers. Due to the high rate of urbanization and development being witnessed here, there is a huge demand for these workers.
The high rate of illiteracy in India has pushed up the number of those skilled in a trade, but without any formal training. These people qualify for the bulk of unskilled jobs in Delhi. If you have someone in your acquaintance looking for such a job, you could certainly help them by giving them proper guidance and counseling.
Such people would readily find employment in ongoing projects of the government like the Delhi Metro. There are a lot of malls and residential apartments coming up in Delhi, and this has certainly pushed up the demand for this genre of laborers.
Delhi has the reputation of being the second most populous metropolis in India, and the large bulk is made up of unskilled labors and domestic helpers. There is absolutely no dearth of unskilled people in Delhi, probably because of the huge demand for laborers qualifying for unskilled jobs in Delhi.
There are organized labor exchanges where you could walk in and get some of the unskilled laborers to work for you. The problem is the burgeoning population of the city has put such tremendous pressure on the workforce that even the unskilled laborers find it difficult to find employment in the city.
The burgeoning population of India has certainly put a tremendous pressure on the metropolitan cities. There has been a regular influx of men and women of this class into the city. The influx has been such that the supply has proved to be greater than the demand. This has resulted in large-scale unemployment.
The problem is that these people are good enough only for menial jobs. They don’t in any way qualify for white-collar jobs. But they form an inherent part of the social system in India. Without them, the lives of the middle-class families and the business-class families would not be possible.
Despite this, unemployment has assumed great proportions in India, not leaving even the educated. There are tens and thousand of well-educated and highly-qualified people in India looking for jobs, just as unskilled laborers.
There are several recruitment agencies across Delhi and even across the country that supply unskilled laborers to the Middle East and other countries.


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