A Brief Insight into the Labour Class of Delhi

Ladder To Success-Unskilled Jobs,Midskilled Jobs,Skilled Jobs

It has been 67 years that India has been freed from the shackles of colonial rule. The economy of the nation is quite nascent. Delhi being the political capital of the country has a very important role to play in maintaining the stability of the country’s socio-economic condition. Every year she witnesses the huge influx of population in search of a better livelihood. A huge ratio of the Delhi population is the labourers and the unskilled workers who are in serious need of jobs. The mental turmoil that the youth goes though is directly proportional to that of unemployment blues says some behavioural analysts.
The unemployment problem for labour-class had always the bone of contention in the government planning processes. It has always been hindered by the exponential growth of population. It is a mammoth task of only the government to provide fair and square jobs to this downtrodden population. It is where the job-portals or agencies come into picture. They strive to bring the best to this community.
We are all well aware how difficult is the search of a driver or a cooking maid. The difficulty level is equal for the job-seekers as well if not less .It has been always difficult to match the job-profiles of the blue collar workers to the employers’ requirement. The primary reason for this gap is the obvious scarcity in education.
These portals reach where the others cannot even imagine of its existence. Since most of the labour-class in Delhi is oblivious to the web world they reach the masses with the good old way of calling that connects these labourers to employers. Also these portals have to overcome the vernacular barrier and help these under-skilled job seekers for writing down their resumes. This resumes help them in landing a job by placing a call on the customer-care of the portals. By following this process they are also noticed by employers. Another way by which these job-portals help this labourer class is by assigning a supervisor for a particular bunch of job-seekers who would manage their job search. These job portals also take special consideration for female job seekers so that they are paid just wages and do reasonable working hours.

It is needless to mention that such an impeccable job would not have materialized without ample contacts in the first place. However, it should also be considered that only contacts do not help in the long run. These portals also arrange for various vocational workshops to enhance the skill of these labor classes along with seminars where speakers of profound knowledge impart knowledge in real life scenarios. Such events help in increasing the chances of their employment all the more.
These agencies also have tie-ups with various NGOs that help in provisioning education of these laborers’ children. They also provide support and care to the seniors of this labor community. Thus we can see that how these agencies are fighting the demons of unemployment amongst the downtrodden of the city of Delhi. They deserve a round of applause for this noble work.


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