The Emerging Job Market of the National Capital Region (NCR)

Engineering Job in Delhi/NCR

India has been in the process of rapid urbanisation since the last few decades. Delhi being the political capital of the nation has experienced the most of it. To remove the excessive stress of population from the capital a plan was devised to build a similar metropolitan area nearby. This idea formulated in the development of NCR around the state of Delhi forming the second largest urban agglomeration in the world. The NCR region has been a part of massive growth in terms of employment and industrialisation in the past few decades. This growth has resulted in quite a large number of employment opportunities in the NCR region of Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Meerut, Ghaziabad, Panipat, Karnal, Bulandshahr, Bharatpur and their adjoining regions.

The nature and extent of the various economic activities have improved in the NCR over the years, especially with the better connectivity in terms of expressways and Delhi Metro. The latest reports show that this region’s contribution in the national GDP is more or less twice the population share. Also it has been observed that the per capita income of this area is higher than that of the whole country. These fabulous facts and figures would not have been possible without a proper employment structure in the area. It is needless to mention that the strength of this employment structure has been maintained by the various job portals of the country.

The availability of skilled professionals is extremely high in the area. These job sites play a key role in placing them to the required organizations. They are able to place these professionals to their desired posts in the job due to the availability of ample contacts both in terms of the skilled job seekers and the searching employers. They in fact open this business of contacts physically with the events of job fairs and seminars to the masses. Also with the help of high performing web sites they virtually bring home the contacts of the employers and job seekers. Thus both the job seekers and employers or organizations can browse through the available choices that are best in the industry.
These job portals thrive of the employment vacancy business not only based on contacts but also performing various other activities. These Activities include arrangement of training and workshops in order to enhance the skill set of the job seeking professionals. They also help in acquiring knowledge of new techniques and technologies of the professional so that new avenues of opportunities open up for them.

They also have the facility of privileged users here one can register with the aid of a nominal fees. Such users get personal attention from the professional counselors in terms of their career path progress, resume preparation, etc. They are also entitled to messaging and telephonic services so that the latest opportunities are available at the earliest to their finger tips. It is therefore we can notice that how these job portals deliver high performance services effectively and efficient thus saving us the cumbersome activities of going through the newspaper ads.


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