Role of Multi National Companies in Structuring the Economy of the nation

Jobs in MNC

The Foreign Investment Policies of India saw a huge change in the 1980s with the advent to direct Foreign Investment in the country. This amendment witnessed the growth of MNCs in the nation. This Multi National Companies (MNC) plays a huge role in maintaining the current economy of India. As we are well aware that Employment availability in any country is a dictating factor in its economy, so in today’s date MNCs in India hold the major share of its employment scenarios. These MNCs provide a huge array of employment opportunities to all the sections of Workers available in the country.
With the advent of fresh and new technologies the Job requirements in these MNCs changes quite frequently. In fact the variations are more than that of domestic companies because they have to race in the cut-throat world market competition. In order to keep a pace with this endless wave of changes the job-seekers face a lot of hurdles and challenges. To rescue the job seekers from such kind problems the job portals come into the picture providing them with the latest updates on the current market thus securing a job on any particular MNC. As the base of such companies is not restricted to a particular nation or even continent the workforce is generally massive thereby making the employees practically global citizens.
India has been witness to the vast job opportunities in these organizations since the past few decades. This is primarily because of the fact that India is one of the major English Speaking nations of the world and labour prices are relatively cheap than even the third world countries. These job portals cultivate on the colossal requirements of these MNCs to provide for jobs to both the fresher’s an experienced job searchers. The modes of their placements vary in each another cases. For fresher’s it is usually preceded by some kind of trainings or internships where as for that of the experienced professionals it is by form of direct interviews with these various organizations.
The job portals maintain these great influxes of job opportunities with the help of proper contacts so that they would be able to place the correct employee in the suitable organization at the proper time. They not bound this game of contacts for their internal use only rather they share this privileges both with job seekers and employing organization physically by means of job fairs as well as virtually by maintain a high performance web pages.
These job portals swim in the vast sea of job opportunities and seeking not only with the help of contacts but also by means of training and workshops for both freshers and experienced job seekers. These events help in enhancing their current skills or for acquiring new ones. These job portals are a new ray of hope in the employment sector thus mobilizing the youth of this country towards a better future in terms of developments and socioeconomic status in front of the whole wide world.


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