Rozgar Camps in Delhi: A ray of hope for the blue collar workers

Are you struggling to find a job? Well, you might not have an engineering degree, but you are confident enough to handle wide varieties of challenges that come with different jobs. You are ready to learn the nature of work in different jobs. Regardless of the education you have acquired, you will be happy to know about the availability of some of the jobs that can fulfill your dream and make you an independent earning individual. The job you find can also turn out to be a great source of income for you and your family. Nothing can be better than this.
Delhi is the national capital of India. The census of 2011 showed us that the literacy rate of the city is about 86.3%. Even though the share of illiterate people is less but we should remember the concept of floating population. A large number of people come from then nearby areas of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana who come to the capital for a living and commute back at the end of the day. Most of these people are poor with lack of elementary education looking for worker jobs. However, because of their lack in skills they often end up getting under waged.
In order to combat this situation the Government of Delhi has come up with the idea of the Rozgar Camps in Delhi. These camps are specially innovated for Unskilled Jobs in Delhi. These camps often help the workers of the labour class to sustain themselves and their families. As said above they have severe monetary problems for which they suffer heavy loss. They do not have even enough to fill up their stomachs or fulfill their basic needs. This initiative by the Delhi authorities have been proved to be a great opportunity for employment and hence their family sustenance.
These Rozgar Camps  unskilled jobs  help these laborers in innumerable ways. These camps bring in these downtrodden workers and help them to explore the various possibilities of employment in the section of Unskilled Jobs. These camps work effectively in various ways to ensure that employment is eradicated from its roots in this section of the society. Until the foundation is strong once cannot build any robust structures. Similarly a strong economy of the country would be built if only this layer of the society, which is the foundation of the nation, would be made economically more viable.
The Rozgar Camps in Delhi works their magic by the three methods of contacts, trainings and workshops along with seminars. Firstly they initiate employment of the unskilled workers by deploying their use in various types of jobs required like house maids, construction helpers, sweepers, gardeners, etc. with willing employers. Secondly they strive to train them with the up-to-date methodologies and technologies so that more avenues of employment opportunities open up to them. Lastly, these camps tie up with various NGOs who help these workers of the Labor Jobs understand the importance of education and thus help them gain it via the means of adult schools.


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