Rozgar Camps excellent support to provide the Job Opportunities

Unemployment has been the consistent problem of India since years. Thousands of youths in the country are striving to find a solid source of income and become financially independent. Lack of suitable jobs is often dragging these youths to suicidal tendencies or get involved in anti-social activities. Solving the problem of unemployment is the need of the hour and the government needs to give serious attention to it. In fact, the government has already initiated several programs in order to find some ways of employment for the unemployment and unskilled youths. Efforts are being made in order to spread awareness among individuals that youths can participate in various government programs to find suitable Worker Jobs for themselves.
The huge influx of both domestic and international companies has created a great impact on the Indian Job Market in the recent years.These companies have also started offering a ray of hope not only to the highly skilled professionals but also to those who are semi-skilled or perform Labour Jobs.In a recent study, it was found that Delhi has the maximum number of unemployed youths. Despite the high literacy and education rate the number of workers for unskilled jobs has been increasing day by day. For Unskilled Jobs in Delhi,there is a huge amount of requirement in the form of construction workers, drivers, house maid, janitors etc. to name a few.
In order to withstand the huge wave of unemployed population the Government has come up with Rozgar Camps for unskilled and mid-skilled.These Rozgar camps are found it various corners of the city thus helping the worker class in every possible way to secure and provide for their families. They provide excellent support to these blue collared workers by means of contacts of employing institutions often providing introduction to each other. Since these classes of people are often illiterate with the proper access to internet and web services, so they often help these individuals via phone calls to get in touch with the employment agencies and firms.
The Rozgar Camps For Unskilled and mid-skilled have been much more successful than its predecessors like Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Act in 2005.These camps do not let the job seekers roam about from place to place without any clues unlike most of the Government based organizations. The employees and volunteers of these places are very much active and enthusiastic about helping these poor souls to secure a job and thus remove the tag of unemployment from their foreheads.
In the Indian situation of Unskilled Jobs, these portals or camps have also helped the women workers equally as their male co-workers. They have thus addressed another issue of women empowerment in the city of Delhi along with the curse of unemployment. Thus we can observe how these camps have resulted in the overall enhancement of the twin problem like unemployment and women empowerment. They do not only tackle the ongoing issues but also help to uplift the current skill set of the unskilled labour force by providing them vocational trainings and engaging them in various workshops.


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