The correlation of MNCs and Blue Collared Workers in India

Rozgar Camps in Delhi

Mulch-National Companies (MNC) is a common name to the Indians nowadays. Such companies are those who manage their operations from multiple countries. The country that houses their headquarters is known as the home country and the others where various operating branches are established are known as the host nations. These kinds of companies have been introduced in India post the huge economic liberalization in the year 1991 resulting in Direct Foreign Investment. The consequences of this event have been huge. More and more people got employment opportunities thus curbing the major problem of unemployment in the country to a great extent.

The reasons that MNCs put a strong hold in India are many. Some of them are massive market potential, the FDI attracting government policies, availability of cheap labour in a cut-throat competition, macroeconomic stability. However, the most important reason that is derived from these said factors in the huge profitability that these companies earn. It is not surprising that the budget and revenue of these companies often exceed the ‘Gross Domestic Product’ of the nation. The natures of Jobs vary in any MNC ranging from highly skilled professional ones to Labour Jobs.

One would understand how professionals or semi-skilled workers can gear up the engine of work in these MNCs. But there has been a high demand for Unskilled Labour Jobs in MNC as well. If one happens to visit the any of the MNC campuses in any part of the nation, then one would be able to observe how impeccably these campuses are maintained and kept neat & clean. It is the work of thousands of people who have Worker Jobs in the form of gardeners, janitors, utensil cleaners, maids, floor cleaners, road sweepers, parking assistants, lift men, security guards, etc.

Unskilled Jobs in MNC jobs in MNCs have also given women equal opportunities in securing a job. The maids and cooks that provide service in the employee canteens are often women. The janitors of the ladies washrooms and loos are also women. Some strong and courageous women have also been able to place themselves as security guards. Such jobs opportunities for women of the downtrodden class have also led to women freedom and empowerment. They tend to earn more if not less from their male counterparts as well. It is from the root level that now a sense of equality prevails.

Along with the above formats of Unskilled Labour Jobs in MNC we have another one which is by far the most important. Most of the MNCs have a very well coordinated logistics and transport system. At any time of the day be it is early morning or late night one would be able to see the number of vehicles plying in to and from the company campuses. No wonder these excellent systems have been made possible by the enthusiastic and diligent vehicle drivers. These drivers work tirelessly day and night to bring the employees to their destination so that the proceedings of these companies are done punctually.


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