The Current Status of Government Jobs in India

Till date, Indian citizens hardly found any opportunity to explore the scenario of job market and find suitable jobs for them. Regardless of the impact of globalization in Indian economy, a large section of people still remain unemployed. Moreover, the advent of the computers has reduced the demand for professionals to fill vacancies in Government jobs. Along with the smaller numbers of vacancies, there are hardly any initiatives to fill out the created vacancies. This in turn creates a huge gap, and job seekers have no other option other than looking for private jobs. However, in the recent years, increasing attempts are taken to increase the vacancies and help youths fill these vacancies.

There is no denying that the Government Jobs in India is still the most preferred form of employment to any individuals ranging from the labour class to that of the highly efficient and educated class along with that of graduates that have just passed out of college. This is mainly because of the security of the jobs. However, it must be remembered that landing on one such job is a matter or extreme patience, perseverance and hard work. There are innumerable departments in public sector jobs where one can apply for like banks, healthcare, power and energy (both thermal and sustainable), defence, railways and airlines, natural resources maintenance and development, space research etc. to name a few.

Placement in Government jobs are done via competitive exams like PSU, UPSC, IAS, ICS, IFS, ISRO DRDO, BARC , various banking exams etc. The employment section of the newspapers always keeps on posting the latest updates on the jobs of public sectors along with the exam forms and other details. The process of selection in these jobs is two tired, the first being the exams as stated earlier and second being the personal interview and discussion with each individual. One should be able to clear both the rounds in order to get placed in such jobs. Once has to have a great amount of tenacity and endurance to gain such jobs.
In case of semi-skilled and unskilled labour workforce the process of recruitment gets a bit different. The exam part gets eliminated in most of the cases and they are hired as bulk instead of individuals to work on the numerous construction and development projects of the government where extensive manual labour is required. Even though private sectors nowadays have gained a major share in the job industry, the jobs in the public sector have not lost their charm altogether.

With the advancement in commutations’ form and technology various blogs have been started to keep the job seekers updated about the latest happenings in public sector jobs. One such blog is that of Sarkari Naukri maintained by a homemaker named Manisha Sharma who is 31. She has strived to provide the latest updates about the various jobs in order to help them who are in need so that opportunities should not be lost. The web page gets 25k-100k hits/day


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