Rozgar Camps for Unskilled Jobs Delhi Is A Great Initiative To Increase Employment Opportunities

India is still a developing country. The increasing numbers of population and lack of sufficient economic growth are one of the most prominent reasons for unemployment. Even today, there are lots of youths that do not have a source of income to feed their family members and earn a good living. In addition to that, it is also found that lack of enough education is one of the major reasons for unemployment. Since more than 40% of the population lives below the poverty line, they do not have sufficient means to educate children. This results in unskilled people. However, the Rozgar Camps for unskilled jobs Delhi are designed to help these unskilled people.

There are many jobs that do not require exceptional educational skill. For instance, making handmade products, applying labour to move things from one place to another, etc. are jobs that does not require much of a skill. With little training, individuals can be made to work so that they get a sufficient means of living. These are often known as Unskilled Jobs. The main aim of these Rozgar camps is to create opportunities for these unskilled people to find jobs and make a living.

According to a recent survey, hundreds of unemployed youths of Delhi are dragged to anti-social and criminal activities. On the other hand, a certain percent of them also commit suicide due to lack of any job. An attempt to create great Jobs in Delhi is definitely an effort on part of the government through the camps and the wide varieties of programs they promote. Increasing numbers of unemployed individuals are also made aware about the availability of these jobs and also the opportunity to earn money by acquiring training and working in different areas. If the effort continues, it will not be long to eradicate the problems of unemployment to a great extent.

It goes without saying that the contribution of the Rozgar Camps is excellent. They have already offered employment to lots of unskilled people. The camp gives the opportunity to the unskilled workers to explore themselves and find out their areas of interest. On the basis of that, they can acquire little knowledge and training on the field so that they can perform the work efficiently. It is said that if they find an area of activity on their interest, it will be easier for them to focus on the work and learn it quickly. Consequently, they can also deliver the best performances in the work field.

The Rozgar Camps for unskilled jobs Delhi has been appreciated by several other state governments and many of them are looking forward to launch in their states soon. Delhi is the national capital and there is a huge influx of unemployed people from different areas of the north. Right from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar to Jammu and Kashmir unemployed individuals in large numbers come here to look for jobs. In such a situation, if they come across these camps, they can find jobs and nothing can be better than this.


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