A Short Analysis of the operations and functions of MNCs

Multi-National Corporations or MNCs are such business organisations which work on an international basis operating from more than one country and are not liable to any definite state or governments. The Top MNC includes organisations of various categories like IT & Management Consulting Firms, Marketing Research Companies, Breweries & Food Companies, Health Care Companies, Oil Companies and Joint Venture Companies to name a few. Such organisations produce more goods in terms of manufacturing products or providing consultancy services than any of a single nation in this whole wide world. With their huge network of offices across all the global locations the MNCs cast a very powerful spell in the world’s economy.
The MNCs offer many advantages to a developing nation like India. Introduction of new technologies and providing Jobs in Top MNC are the rudimentary forms of facilities that can be harbored with the growth of MNCs in a country. Working in an MNC would also train individuals in management and trader skills thus bringing in the new ideas and organizational methods and contracts. The MNCs provide promotion of International trade for such industrious developing nations thereby paving their way into the top notch world community.
Top MNC’s not only provide jobs to educated and highly skilled professionals but also provide a way to earn their livings in case of the labor class of the subsidiary nations that forms base of these MNC’s. Job in MNC caters to all the tiers of the society by provisioning employment to both the categories of white collared desk jobs as well as the blue collared labour jobs. These MNCs actually play a key role in the rapidly increasing process of movement of capital, products, technology and services across the globe thereby increasing the interdependence of various national economies. This in turn gives a huge boost to the process of economic globalization.
Top MNC jobs can also pose certain issues for the developing nations. In eulogizing about the world economic fabric we often forget how the local trades and economy suffer a huge set back in the back drop of the MNC’s. They snatch away the competition of the domestic industries not only in terms of labour and resources but also limiting their marketing strategies. To counter such problem the government of the various subsidiary nations has come up with different economic and financial strategies so that both MNC’s and local trades co-exist in harmony.
In conclusion, these MNC’s are a kind of necessary evil for the developing third world countries. With their lucrative payment and compensation packages the employees of these companies can experience the qualities of life of a first world nation. However, the mean profit centric temperaments of these organizations have also seeped in to the mind-set of the associated workers that has resulted in degraded values and ethics. Moreover the sedentary working pattern has posed a huge health risk for the employees leading to critical health issues. Therefore it is very necessary to strike a balance between the good and the bad of these MNCs to steer towards a better future.


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