Various Openings in Skilled Jobs and Midskilled Jobs in Delhi

Midskilled jobs and skilled jobs present in the job market help many people with the requisite skill and qualification to get job and thereby become confident, independent and stable person. Like most of the parts of the country skilled jobs in Delhi and midskilled jobs in Delhi are plenty and increasing by the day. Those who wish to change their future and touch great heights in their professional spheres can opt for such jobs. The jobs which require any special qualification comes under skilled jobs. Some of which have been discussed below.
Human Resource or HR Jobs: In order to get an HR job you need to become an MBA with specialization in HR. One important requisite for getting the job is having good communication skills. The main job of HR is to conduct interviews on the basis of candidate’s knowledge, aptitude, talent and other parameters.HR is also responsible for fixing and negotiating the compensation package with the candidate. Apart from conducting interviews HR also does various other functions such as overvewing if there is any breach of law and order in the firm, conveying the policies of the company to the employees and the likes.
Engineering jobs: Engineers are those persons who are responsible for applying scientific knowledge, ingenuity and mathematics in order to develop solutions for societal, technical and commercial problems. There are various types of engineering jobs available. It depends upon whether you are interested in civil, mechanical, software or other fields of engineering. Their main job is to develop solutions to problems that arise in their field of interest. Such skilled jobs in Delhi are on the rise and many engineers from all across the country get placed in the capital every year.
Accountants and Auditors: Accountant performs a very important task of keeping record of financial transaction of the business. It is important to record as that determines if the company has earned profit or loss. Whereas the auditors does the function of auditing such financial statement to figure out if they have been kept in accordance to accounting principles and also if they reflect the true status of the company. Every company must get their accounts recorded and audited too. Hence all the companies have their own accountant. Auditors may be appointed from outside.
Apart from the above there are many more of such skilled jobs which are there such as database administrator, doctors, web developer, employment in automobile sector and much more.
In case of midskilled jobs, the tasks do not require any special qualification. However, before the candidate is asked to perform the work he is given special training related to the area. Certain midskilled jobs are discussed below:
Customer Care executive: A degree in any field is sufficient to become a CCE. In some cases good communication skills is required. Before starting the job, a formal training regarding the process is given.
Receptionist: Again one can be a graduate in any stream to become a receptionist. You just need to have basic computer knowledge and also good communication skills. Before handing over the responsibility, the candidate is given formal training on handling databases, maintain directories, issuing visitors badges, greeting customers, maintaining telecommunication system and much more which would be required while executing her duty as a receptionist.
Sales Job: Though many companies prefer highly qualified candidates to sell their products, however, many companies are on the lookout for candidates who are graduates with good communication skill and convincing ability. These people are given trainings about the products that they need to sell and some weekly or monthly targets that they need to achieve. The candidates with the requisite training and skill perform the job of selling various products or services.
There are various other midskilled jobs in Delhi that can be availed with minimum qualification and certain trainings provided by the companies. Hence, there are ample ways of earning livelihood in Delhi.


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