Various Criteria to get Jobs in Delhi/NCR

The basic purpose of setting up a company is selling of goods or services to its customers without which the company won’t be able to survive. Hence the role of sales and marketing executive in any company is immense. Without them the company won’t be able to sell their products and serve the basic objective of setting up the company i.e. earn profit.
Delhi being the capital of India has office and the headquarters of several companies that are spread across the country. Sales and Marketing jobs can be found in plenty and the salary and benefits of such jobs depends upon your expertise level and experience. Most of such jobs in Delhi come with earning good incentives by achieving your target within a stipulated period of time. This gives scope for some extra earnings too.
Some of the basic qualities which the companies look for in any sales and marketing professionals are:
– Ability to build good relationships with clients which will help in generating business.
– Ability to multitask and do each task given with equal zeal.
– Good knowledge about the market and the area where the professional would be working.
– Knowledge about the industry to which the company belongs.
– Communication: A good communication is a must for getting job in sales and marketing field. One needs to have the ability to convince the customer in buying the product. It also involves generation of ideas and communicating it to the clients in a proper manner.
– Coordination: Sales and Marketing people will have to coordinate well with a lot of people before achieving their desired target. Hence ability to work in coordination with others is also another skill that can land you in a good position.
– Figures and data: Interpreting and analyzing data are a part of sales and marketing jobs. The data and figures help them to decide their next course of action.
– Passion: You passion for the job will go a long way in impressing the recruiter to take you for the job.
Most of the marketing jobs in Delhi involve visiting the specific areas designated to them on a regular basis and meeting customers. While some of the customers may agree to try the products immediately, some may lock a future date in which the sales representative is suppose to follow up.
Sales and Marketing jobs also involves promotion of the new or existing product in specific areas on a regular basis in order to generate new customers. They also meet the retailers and wholesalers or any other channel of distribution to understand if the product is in good flow and if there is any problem in the supply of product.
All the sales and marketing jobs in Delhi NCR are target driven. During the interview as well as during product knowledge and induction training of the employees, everything about the company, product, roles and responsibility, report format, areas to visit is discussed. Usually there is an area manager and many subordinates working under him. The team meets on a regular basis and discusses course of action to achieve the desired target.
The job of sales and marketing professional is challenging and passion driven. Once in love with the job selling and marketing of products and services becomes a great experience.


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