Recently Prime Minister Narender Modi initiated the “Make In India” campaign that will help to generate the Blue-Collar Jobs in India. Encouraging the domestic manufacturing can help in the growth of the Blue-collar jobs and job opportunities. This is very thoughtful initiative for our blue collar or mid-skilled workers.

Delhi is the city where you will find the work for all the categories – Skilled, Mid-Skilled and Unskilled. The mid-skilled workers do not have sufficient education (may be high school passed) but they play an important role to complete the most of the work, for example, without a delivery boy your pizza cannot be delivered for the delight of the customer or without a driver you cannot reach your destination on time. Electrician, security guards, cooks, drivers, delivery boy, housekeepers all plays a vital role in our day to day life.

To find the mid-skilled jobs in Delhi, visit

The mid-skilled workers cannot upload their resumes on job portal and therefore skips several potential job opportunities. provides the earning and progressing opportunity for the mid-skilled workers in Delhi. Find the thousands of mid-skilled workers like driver, electrician, delivery boy, security guard, plumber, painter, peon, tailor, field boy, and carpenter (and so on) at the job portal of

Remember,we all need each other to grow. No work is categorized as a big work or small work. Some work cannot be replaced with machine, you need physical labor. A blue collar worker must be valued. You cannot run a courier business without the help of a delivery boy or field boy. You cannot promise a forty minute pizza delivery without a delivery boy with a vehicle. You cannot invite or show your organization or office to anyone unless it is well maintained with the help of a peon, electrician or security guard or receptionist. How important are these mid-skilled workers in your organization or office you will understand if you have to spend a day without all these basic supports. Many mid-skilled workers are idle due to the lack of knowledge and many mid-skilled workers vacancies are remaining unfilled due to the improper information to the employer.

Delhi has several organizations or offices operating day and night that provide huge job opportunities for mid-skilled workers. If you are looking for a driver, field boy, delivery boy, peon, or security guard, log in to and get thousands of mid-skilled workers.


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