THEINCIRCLE trying to reach the people who are lacking the required skilled, unemployed, employed with very low salaries, or need to change the job. The Rojgar Camps for the unskilled are organized to reach the blue-collar men and women. Our job portal has all job categories like unskilled, mid skilled, and skilled; however, the main focus is the unskilled or blue-collar workers who are not able to use the online facilities to find a job due to the insufficient knowledge. The unskilled cannot reach the employers or use the job portals, but we can reach them and let the employers contact them. It is all possible through theincircle job portal – a unique experience to find an employee or search a job.

We are gathering all the information of the blue collar workers by organizing our Rojgar Camps and now we have enough information stored in our database which employers can collect according to their requirement of a job. Employers who are looking for the labors, peons, tailors, cleaner, helper, maids, guards, machine operators, sweepers, carpenters, painters, and so on, can find resume of the blue-collar workers in just one click.

The Netizens of India area actively involved in using the Internet in a proper responsible manner. We use digital technologies in everyday lives from small shops to the government offices or big organizations. Internet helps to share information and connect with each other. The Internet is informative and that is the reason #Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi launched the Digital India campaign, which is considered the beginning of a new era.

Digitization will help the unskilled workers to connect with the employers

Use of technologies can change the world, and THEINCIRCLE is trying to set another example of Digitization using the  other facility to connect the unskilled or blue collar employers.

The unskilled employers got a new hope to work more and earn more through theincircle. Employers are contacting the blue-collar workers through our job portal and fulfilling the required position for their organization.

Visit – If you are a job seeker or an employer – you are at a right place.


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