A step towards Digital India for Unskilled Worker

Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi launched Digital India that aims to associate rural areas with high-speed internet networks and to reduce the paperwork by availing the government services electronically. According to PM Narendra Modi “Digital India program  will enable investment of Rs 4.5 lakh crore and ensure jobs for 18 lakh people.”

Digital India aims to allow easy access of internet all over India and ensuring to avail the government jobs online. This project is also expected to transform functions like education, health and governance recruitment digitally so that people can get more benefits from each corner of India. Use of Indian languages online will help the user to get the information correctly with clear understanding.

We are also developing the power of technology for our unskilled workers. We are reaching the unskilled through the Rozgar Camps and providing the new job opportunities to grow and earn the unskilled workers. The huge response of unskilled or blue collar workers proving that each one of us needs a key to open the door, which is locked for a long time. The Rozgar Camp is a brightest opportunity for the unskilled labor and factory workers. The employers are now able to connect with the unskilled workers through our job portal and finding the specific resume from a number of unexpected categories of the unskilled.

To us, no work is insignificant and each work has its own value. Because of this thought, all categories of unskilled workers are added in the job portal. Searching any type of unskilled worker through the job portal was never thought before. Based on the interaction with the unskilled workers through the Rozgar Camps, the list of unskilled workers are updated time to time in the job portal. Employers will be definitely surprised to search and find all categories of jobs at one place.

The unskilled workers are content and pleased as they are getting the job opportunity through our job portal. The blue collar workers are getting scope to work more and earn more due to the huge response of employers for the unskilled categories of workers. Employers are now able to fulfill the basic requirements of their organization with the help of the blue collar workers like peon, guard, factory labors, construction labors, and more. Our job portal is providing the jobs to the job seekers and finding the right candidates for the employers.

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