Rozgar Camp Supporting the Unskilled Workers to Get a Job

The Rozgar Camp conducted earlier for the unskilled workers had received a huge response from the labors, workers, peon, cleaners, helpers, delivery boys, and from those people who are desired to do any work which does not require an educational background but physical work. The Rozgar Camp organized in different Industrial Areas and Labor Chowks helped a lot to get in direct touch with the unskilled workers or the unemployed people who are not able to work due to the lack of knowledge. The thousands of workers are registered in the Rozgar Camp and the data provided by the workers helping us to find the type of work they can do. We have received a surprising result and are really astonished to see how people are jobless because they do not know where to contact for the work?

This platform of Rozgar Camp helping the unskilled workers to contact us and to understand us their need in a better way. Through the registration process, we have received the information about the type of work an unskilled can perform, years of experience in any work, plus the willingness to do the other works. The factory workers, construction labors, and the other blue-collar workers perform the basic works which are important to run any business smoothly. The building constructions labors, factory labors, sweepers for cleaning, an office peon to perform the basic works like sitting at the gate or arranging tea or water for the outsiders or clients, a delivery boy to send the important items to other places, and a sanitary worker to maintain the clean and hygienic washrooms are some examples of the basic works performed by the unskilled workers.

The unskilled workers are getting new work opportunities through registration in the Rozgar Camp. The employers can find resume of the unskilled workers based on the information noted in Rozgar Camp and stored in our database. The employers are getting the right information about the labor or worker through the find resume section and are able to find unexpected categories of blue-collar workers. Employers can find any type of worker they require according to the requirement of the office or organization.

The Rozgar Camps are commenced to register more unskilled workers and helping them to locate the type of work they require. We have a number of unskilled happy workers who got jobs through our initiative of Rozgar Camp and we are receiving several calls or messages from the employers to hire the unskilled workers. This is the great achievement for us and we will continue our service for the unskilled as long as possible.

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