Mid-skilled and Unskilled Workers Get Jobs With The Help of Rozgar Camp

If any person has desire to work nothing can hold them, no matter if they have to leave their hometown for that purpose. The dream of a better life draws numerous people from their native villages to Delhi and NCR. These people are categorized as mid-skilled and unskilled workers because of having low skills or lack of any particular skills. The sad truth is that, for most of them the dream of having a good life remains only a dream that’s because of lack of jobs with sufficient salary but with the initiation of Rozgar camps mid-skilled and unskilled workers can get job easily.

Mid-skilled and unskilled workers includes receptionists, security guards, peons, drivers, machine operator, factory workers, cleaners, helpers, office boys etc. These types of workers don’t require high education or skills as such types of work can be performed with some simple trainings. Although the opportunities are enormous for mid-skilled and unskilled workers but they hardly know about them. Employers also have this problem where they are unable to find suitable workers for their companies and factories. Rozgar camps are organized to counter this problem. Rozgar camp that is organized in many parts of Delhi and NCR saw many mid-skilled and unskilled workers from different categories registering themselves in full spirit. This shows that how eager they for a better job or for a change in their respective job. Rozgar camp collects information about the type of job(s) performed by them, mobile number, their salary, age and location and if their profile matches with available jobs then they are notified about it. Rozgar camps give them the unique option of finding jobs that offers them good income and are near to their residence. Mid-skilled and unskilled workers don’t need to worry as if they are not satisfied with the available jobs they can wait for new jobs as Rozgar camp will provide all the information about latest jobs related to their area of interest.

Rozgar camp is a revolutionary thing with respect to the hiring process of mid-skilled and unskilled workers. This is just the thing that was needed for the advancement of mid-skilled and unskilled workers as the number of free job posting websites are very few that posts jobs about them. Employers also have to face difficulty in finding resume of mid-skilled and unskilled workers. Rozgar camp not only helps mid-skilled and unskilled workers in their search for jobs but also helps the employers in their search for workers.


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