Register to hire delivery boy,field boy & other unskilled worker

Everything is going digital nowadays and with initiative like “Digital India”, the online reforms are spreading to rural places which will help many workers especially the unskilled workers who are working without the aid of technology. Unskilled workers contribute significantly to the economy of India. Employers hire worker like them for variety of tasks in Delhi.

Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) that comprises Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad, provide loads of jobs to many unskilled workers. The easily recognizable unskilled workers are delivery boy, field boy, office boy, construction worker, machine operator, cnc operator, tailor, driver, security guard, cleaner, helper, and quality checker. People are ordering everything from smartphones to household furniture from e-commerce websites because they find it economically and conveniently easy, in comparison with the brick and mortar shops. The products are delivered to customers by able and efficient delivery boys. Companies hire delivery boy to complete the deliveries in scheduled time. They must deliver certain number of products daily. Any e-commerce company’s reputation depends on their quick delivery system, that’s why delivery boys are needed in large number to cater to a huge number of customers. A somewhat similar job profile is field boy. Field boys don’t always deliver products; they have certain other responsibilities too such as installing & repairing equipment, provide after sale services, improve sales by visiting prospective clients or customers, deposit money to banks, etc. No special type of education is required for both the above mentioned profiles. Any person can do such jobs provided they have a genuine driving licence. The need to hire field boy is immense because of their huge demand in Delhi NCR.

Many companies are running just because of delivery boys and field boys, that’s why it is important to hire them by knowing about their full information such as their previous job & salary (if any), age, location, education, etc. You must hire only the suitable workers who are willing to grind it out in the open. Free online job portals are your perfect bet as they have all information that you seek that too without asking any money. You have to register yourself at such job site and then you will be able to sort out candidates from their huge database. Use a simple and powerful job portal such as THEINCIRCLE to hire worker like delivery boy, field boy and any other type of unskilled worker in Delhi/NCR.


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