Industries Find Resume as per as Requirement.

The unskilled workers perform various tasks to fulfill the basic requirements of any organization, hospital, bank, or home.

Unskilled workers –who they are?

How unskilled workers are helpful for you? By using the term “unskilled”, we do not mean that an unskilledis not able to do anything; it only means a person is not skilled in any kind of work. For example, a driver should have driving skills, and an electrician should have knowledge of wires and switches. But if a person is neither educated nor skilled, then what work could he or she could perform? The office boy, sweeper, peon, cleaner, maid, helper, construction labor are examples of unskilled category.

Having no skill or education should not obstruct a person to earn or make a living. We all have financial need to support our family or fulfill our needs. The educated or skilled people have many doors open, but the unskilled have less option or no option. This is another reason of unemployment as most of the people are unskilled and uneducated.

Steps taken by the government sectors for the unskilled

Our Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi announced the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ focusing on the unskilled categories of the workers.

  • Make in India promises for industrial revolution means more work opportunity for the labors.
  • Digital India is the initiation to reach the people through the power of technology.
  • Besides Make in India and Digital India, recently the Delhi Government hiked the minimum wage for workers by Rs 23 to Rs 160 a day which is applicable from July 1. Now a minimum wage is nowRs 9,048, it was Rs 8,632 before.

Rojgar camps for the unskilled

We are also approaching the unskilled workers, construction labors and factory workers to provide them the work they can do. We have reached to unskilled people through the Rojgar Camp and get to know about the people who are interested to change the job or looking for a job. We are astonished with the result of Rojgar Camps as people were interested in doing any kind of work, but were helpless to do nothing and working at very low wages.

Our job portal provided the huge job opportunities for the unskilled labor, factory worker, sweeper and so on. The employer can find resume of the skilled and unskilled as well. The right to work to make a living and support the family are important for all the categories of people in our society. Giving no employment and unawareness towards the work could lead the unskilled to wrong way.Jobs for the unskilled isa priority of our job portal and we are at right direction to reach our goal. Find helper, sweeper, cleaner, visit


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